Don't Hire Anybody to Build Your Website
Before Reading This

By Barry Sharoff, marketingguy@mho.com

Author of websites, direct mail letters, and Yellow Page Ads guaranteed to make you money.

      Most businesses (including lawyers) don't ask a number of important questions when they choose a web design company.

      They look almost always for a good-looking site (which is fine) or a glitzy site to simply project an image. But they pay too little attention about what will actually make a prospective client want to call you.

      And it's not your fault, because you're a lawyer, not a marketing specialist.

      Here's the questions you should really be asking before signing anything if you want more clients.

What's your background in direct response marketing?

      Without this kind of background they don't know what makes people buy, and therefore, they don't know how to sell you to prospective clients.

What types of things do you put in my website that will make prospects contact me?

      If they don't say that they put in information that tells what you will do for your client, you're talking to the wrong firm. If they don't say they'll appeal to a prospect's emotional needs and hot buttons, you're talking to the wrong firm. If they don't say that they'll credentialize you by showing that you're the expert by the information your website provides, you're talking to the wrong firm.

Do you use flash?

      If they do, that's bad, because search engines can't find sites that use flash. You're invisible to them.

Can you show me examples of the keywords and meta-tags you put on a website?

      There should be at least 20-25.

What search engines do you register me with?

      There's actually less than two dozen search engines that matter. If they say hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands, you may be impressed, but the others are really irrelevant, or they're not search engines to begin with.

Should I sign up for search engines that charge on a pay-per-click or a flat fee per year basis?

      These are now critically important to directly getting you quickly listed and placed in a high position when someone does a search for a DUI/DWI lawyer.

Can I get references of attorneys I can call to get their opinion of what they think of your services?

      If they say no for any reason, you are, in my humble opinion, buying a pig in a poke. You can call any of my clients that you wish to.

Will you continue to optimize my position with no extra costs?

What percentage of your clients eventually stop doing business with you?


Do you guarantee your marketing after I've paid you?

      I do. In fact, you don't pay me anything until, when, and if I bring you more business. You should pay for results, not marketing.

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