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Colorado Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Busted? Here's How I Can Help You Beat Any Colorado Traffic Or Speeding Ticket You Ever Get

      If you're like most people, you probably didn't even know you were doing anything wrong when that cop pulled you over and gave you a ticket. Not to mention that you probably felt like crawling under a rock because everybody driving by was staring at you as you were sitting on the side of the road.

       I understand that you're probably feeling confused, angry, and maybe somewhat fearful about what could happen to you.

       What if you didn't have to get those points on your Colorado record? What if you didn't have to pay that fine you weren't counting on? What if you could do away with the stress being pulled over and ticketed caused you? What if you didn't have to lose your license because this ticket is going to put you over the point limit?

       Or at the very least, what if you could get your points and fines reduced?

       It can happen. If you know the law . . . and how the system works inside and out.

       Right now, you probably figure that if you got a traffic ticket (speeding, running a light, careless driving, driving without insurance, driving without a valid license, driving while your license is under suspension, even reckless driving) you'll just have to go to traffic court, pay your fine and court costs, and get a certain amount of points on your record.

       But it doesn't have to be that way.

       You see, I'm a defense lawyer and part of my practice emphasizes helping people with traffic matters. And I can show you how my experience and training can help you beat your ticket or at least significantly lessen the severity of the penalties facing you because of it.

       Which gives you an advantage others may not have.

       For example, sometimes by negotiating with the District Attorney beforehand, I can get your points and fines reduced or dismissed. Sometimes it requires fighting your ticket by taking your matter to trial.

       I'm sure you're asking "Why should I care? Why shouldn't I just show up in court, plead guilty, accept my points, pay my fines, and be done with it?

       Simply put, you may not be able to afford to.

       Let me explain.

       You see, the effects of a Colorado ticket may be a lot more than just points and a small fine. In addition to the points and a fine you may well be facing an overnight hike in your insurance rates for a number of years if you get over a certain number of points. Which could amount to an additional several hundred dollars a year for three or more years.

       For severe tickets you could lose your license.

       Plus, you could be convicted of additional charges on the ticket (which will result in your getting more points and fines).

       Finally, there is the frustration and hassle of handling this issue yourself.

       My point is that you may be in for far more than you think you are.

       But, I believe I can help you.

How I Use Completely Legal Insider Knowledge You Don't Have To Help You Beat The System When You Get A Colorado Speeding or Traffic Ticket

       Prosecutors will offer a deal. With a lawyer helping you, you may get a better deal. The more serious the situation, the more you need an attorney to make sure that the right thing happens. If I can get rid of all or most of the points you avoid the jump in rates.

       Because if your insurance company sees 5 points on your record, they're going to be quite anxious to seriously increase your premium.

       Equally as important, in almost all ticket situations there are technical and non-technical arguments that can be made that reduce the charge to something with little or no consequences.

       That's not all.

       A first offense conviction for having no valid insurance if it's not your car can almost always be won. If it is your car and you really don't have insurance there are ways I can still get a positive result so you won't lose your license by getting the charge downgraded to a lower fine. In this case, having to pay the fine is unimportant in comparison to losing your license for year.

       Likewise, for a suspended or revoked license charge, for a first offense you can lose your license for up to 12 months. Here too I invariably get it reduced to where you only have to pay a fine.

       There are other matters, too, involving careless driving, license reinstatement if yours has been revoked because of points on your record, and even old court matters which I can help you get resolved.

       Actually, there is more, but I don't have space here to tell you all of it.

Free Consultation and Review of Your Traffic Matter--$150 Value

      If you would like to meet with me, I will be happy to set up an appointment with you. That way you'll be able to learn all you need to know about your situation. And how I can help you beat your ticket. This telephone conference is free to you, will last about an hour, and there is no further obligation at all.

       To arrange for your free consultation, just call me. If I'm not available, you can leave a message 24 hours a day. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

      When we meet I will also tell you about my fees. These are at a flat rate (except for trial time) to assist you with your budgeting. For your convenience, payment plans are available. Anything you tell me during this and all other meetings will be confidential, whether or not you retain me.

       So, if you want an attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your situation, and who fights to get you results, call me today at 720-329-7119 for your free consultation.


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